What is a CRM

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Definition #

A Customer Relationship Manager or CRM is a system or software that helps you to manage, track and organize the interaction between your business and customers.

CRM systems can take on different forms; however one of their primary functions is to serve as a single repository for client information.

A CRM stores customer data and behavior, business and contact information, purchase records, support, and notes on sales interactions.

Some functions include:

Functions #

Some CRM functions include

Types #

CRMs can be broken up into the following types:

  • Strategic – business development focused
  • Operational – Integration of customer-focused activities and proving a centralized dashboard for the business owner
  • Analytical – supports analytics of customer data received from different sources such as an eCommerce system
  • Collaborative – a portal to share content between businesses, suppliers, and external stakeholders

CRM systems are an ideal tool for the small business owner to centralize their business process.